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find currently info about liveswif & phrozenflame (and a bit openswif)


As the title suggests this site tells about many things, most of which I also find interesting. I will first naturally put content on this page, but because I really can't know what you want to know farther I would like you to tell me what you want to know. You can tell me all that in the guestbook.

"UDATE" liveswif tutorials

I found a while ago a mirror of the site as it was in 2008. I know that I didn't make the tutorials
myself, but it will still be a great help for beginners (advanced uses will also benefit btw) and I will upload some
tutorials onto newgrounds (after I made them in flash, that is).

So expect that one of these days I will post the tutorials in the forums.

for that I forget it, if somebody is still watching this site, and do have some experience with liveswif,
do you happen to know how to make selectable textboxes in liveswif? I know that there is the possibility
to do that, but I don't know how. Also, if somebody has the installer of liveswif 2.2 could they send a link were
to get it? it seems all the websites who had it have gone down, or kicked it as being dead.

"update" there's a guestbook!!

Didn't notice that the 'who can post comments' thingy was set onto 'limited members'

did change it, and now everybody can comment.

If you feel like giving comments ( positive ones I hope XD )

you can go here: Guestbook

"UPDATE" 16 august 2011

Made a new page with U3 packages for your U3 launcher check it out here:

"update" 10 august 2011

I made a new page with old games and programs, and also posted a game already, named Knight's chase
check it out here



I found some python scripts that may help to build up the "openswif" project, I will post them later this week in the forums ( only for members, I'm not going to give it to anybody :D )




I just made a special site for liveswif, a free flashmaking program. You can get the download there.

goto the liveswif page



I just made a page for phrozenflame,

check it out here: Phrozenflame rpg