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find currently info about liveswif & phrozenflame (and a bit openswif)

Hello and welcome to the liveswif page!!


There's a new ( and better link I hope) to download liveswif 2!

I created this page because the orginal liveswif forum has been abandoned in 2010/2011. This page is specially made for liveswif, and the download of the liveswif zip. This is a extended version of liveswif 2.2 what means that it has bigger library's. Liveswif can't be continued in development because the source code has gone lost since the orginal company quitted in 2003/2004.

 I will add a liveswif forum later. 

I found some tutorials from the orginal forum

thats right people it can be done, jut follow the link bellow:

liveswif tutorials

NOTE: it can be that it takes a while to load the tutorial you want to watch, or it can be that you can't see the tutorial at all.