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10 august 2011

Hello back again, I made a new page here, where I will post old games and/or programs.
there will be a short
Description if you want to know more about it.

Knight's chase

Knight's chase is a pretty old game made by infogrames
 and it is about saving your girl Juliette from Wolfram.

Alright this sounds maybe a bit boring, but I found the game pretty good, althrough it's pretty....ugly.
but since it is a dos-game we won't really care about that, shall we? it is a very challenging game, and it will
probally take several tries to get past the first part, so I can say that it will entertain you for some hours, at least.
(it took me 6 hours to get halfway (I think, I never finished it, because I seemed to miss a certain item that I needed, bugger)
So a tip: search everywhere for items you may need, and try to combine items
(sounds logic, but why would I use a knife on a book?!)

And for that I give you the link: make sure that you (if you want to burn it on a cd) don't have a f*cked up cd reader,
because I had a orginal cd, and my cd reader ATE IT, yeah it ate the whole cd, and I got it back in pieces (very tiny ones!!)

but enough talk, here's the download link: